How Has the Internet and Blogging Changed Since You Started?

Is it just me or have you also noticed that the Internet has sure changed a lot in the 5-years? A few months ago I was watching a panel Venture Capital Discussion in Silicon Valley; it was a video and the topic was social networking; The Next Wave or something of that nature. And the key note speaker before the panel discussion started finished by asking a question of the audience;

How has the internet changed since you started blogging?

Interestingly enough the other day someone asked me this exact question and my immediate thought was;

“Boy that is a good question, as I cruised over to the Thrift Store the other day on my scooter and I picked up a Paperback book; “Computer Dictionary” and it was published in 2000. Guess what? Social Networking, Blogs, Blogging and several other terms were not in it.”

And not long ago, I was watching a video from TED and a researcher from Google was there discussing the Internet and the last five years, how far it has come, it’s truly incredible if you consider it. More importantly he asked; “What will the next five years be?”

Well, our master mind group also has some ideas on this, but his discussion was quite intriguing indeed. When I first started using a blog-like system on our website for a Franchises and myself to use, there was no such thing as a blog, but that’s exactly what it was, perhaps not with all the features that modern day blogs have or all the advertising on the side bars, but it was a blog nevertheless.

You know where the word blog came from? You might want to look that up on the Internet sometime, I will not spoil the surprise here but it is something to consider. About a year ago I exchanged some emails with Vincent Surf about the future of the Internet, and later considered what he had said and the importance of what the greatest communication device ever invented has to offer the human race. Can it bring people together, prevent political impasse, keep people talking and become the catalyst to prevent war?

Indeed, Tim Berners Lee also has discussed this topic and he is happily amazed at the progress of socializing on the Internet and the entire Blogosphere, as he stated in an MIT Conference Video. So, all in all, the Internet has changed quite a bit since you started blogging hasn’t it? Think on this.

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